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Orostar Brand Story

Founded in 1986, Orostar is a jewelry brand devoted to providing gold jewelry at reasonable prices. We believe everyone deserves to own exquisite pieces of jewelry that will elevate your style and your mood. We design our products with integrity and innovation, creating pieces that are worth their weight in - you guessed it - gold.


A Golden Opportunity

We noticed a severe lack of economical gold jewelry on the market and immediately seized the opportunity to fill that gap. As a metal initially used as a source of currency, gold has been associated with opulent wealth, luxury, and prosperity for centuries. Gold is notorious for being elusive and, oftentimes, unattainable due to its high value.

Orostar, however, aims to polish the reputation of this precious metal by creating a collection of exceptional gold pieces for an affordable cost. At the core of our brand is our steadfast commitment to creating accessible gold jewelry without compromising quality. Now, everyone has the opportunity to feel like a million dollars when wearing our pieces.

As the old adage says, “All that glistens is not gold.” In our industry, this phrase applies literally. Many jewelry companies attempt to deceive consumers by using gold alternatives, such as gold plating, for cheaper manufacturing costs, resulting in low-quality items.

Shopping with Orostar guarantees genuine metals that are long-lasting. Made from durable materials, our pieces can endure all conditions, so you can confidently slip on your gold chain, necklaces and bracelets without fear of damaging them.

With Orostar, you can always expect heirloom-worthy jewelry, allowing you and future generations to preserve them forever.